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OGC Testbed Components

The following applications and services support OGC Testbed activites


This Authentication as a Service is an OAuth2 / OpenID Connect compliant authorization server based on federated identity management

The OGC Testbed Token App

The OGC Testbed Token App provides an OAuth Bearer Token that entitles access to other applications

The OGC API Records with DCS enablement

The pyCSW is an extension of the OGC API Records implementation (pyCSW) that supports to request DCS response formats

The OGC Key Management System

The Key Management System allows to create, and set access conditions for key sharing to support DCS.

The OGC Subscription Management System

The Subscription Management System allows to create subscriptions to get notified.

The OGC GeoXACML 3.0 Policy Decision Point

The GeoXACML 3.0 Policy Decision Point allows to request authorization decisions based on the OGC GeoXACML 3.0 standard.